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List of Legal Services

Mr. Bittner offers a wide range of legal services to individuals and business.  He handles business formation, operation and succession.  Mr. Bittner provides the services of full-time-in-house counsel without the expense.  He also provides peace of mind and asset protection through the use of wills, trusts, estate planning, guardianship, and when needed debtor/creditor services including bankruptcy.

Mr. Bittner represents clients in the following areas:

Business bankruptcy and debtor/creditor representation

Business asset protection

Estate planning, administration and Asset protection
Real Estate

Business Bankruptcy and debtor/creditor representation

Mr. Bittner advises and aids clients planning for or involved as creditors in the bankruptcy system by obtaining protection, safeguarding and maximizing the value of their assets, collateral, loans and trade products and by providing planning alternatives and strategies, preparing necessary paperwork and appearing in court.

  • Chapter 7 and 11
  • Chapter 13 debt adjustments
  • Adversary actions
  • Motions to Lift Stay
  • Objections to Discharge of a Debtor or a Debt
  • Creditor rights and collections
  • Lien Avoidance
  • Preference Litigation
  • Asset valuation

Business asset protection law

Mr. Bittner helps clients choose among the many business entities available today for startup or to allow for growth or change with the times, while limiting exposure to creditors.  Mr. Bittner represents individuals, corporations and partnerships in many different types of business.  Succession planning in the event of death, divorce, illness, incapacity, retirement or termination is an important part of any business.  Mr. Bittner can advise, structure, draft and put into effect the documents necessary for succession, the purchase or sale of a business or its assets and for the every day needs of business.

  • Corporations
  • Limited Liability Companies
  • Partnerships and Limited Partnerships
  • Family limited partnerships
  • Professional associations and corporations
  • Non-profits and Charities
  • Joint ventures
  • Revenue sharing
  • Contracts
  • Buy-out and stock ownership purchase agreements
  • Non-competition, non solicitation, non disclosure and privacy/trade secrets
  • Protecting assets in divorce, and from the bad business deal

Estate planning, administration and Asset protection

Tom Bittner personally listens, explains and provides solutions to meet the needs, desires and values of his clients by creating and applying documents, trusts, legal entities and services, limiting exposure to creditors and other claimants including family, while preserving and allowing the transfer of assets to a client’s beneficiaries according to the client’s wishes. Mr. Bittner can advise and implement the steps and actions necessary to protect the Estate, Executor, Administrator, Trustee and/or beneficiaries according to his client’s interests. Mr. Bittner represents and counsels individuals, business owners, family and closely held businesses, and fiduciaries such as Executors, Administrators, Trustees and Guardians. If you are responsible for a person with special needs due to
age, accident, illness or reduced mental abilities help is available to provide both you and that person with legal and financial protection.

  • Wills
  • Trusts (living, martial, bypass, generation skipping, insurance, charitable, Miller)
  • Powers of attorney
  • Living wills
  • Marital property agreements
  • HIPAA releases

Clients are helped with the procedures and court actions as required when someone dies:

  • Probating, contesting or defending Wills
  • Obtaining the appointment or removal of an Executor, Trustee or Guardian
  • Obtaining a determination the legal heirs of someone dying with no Will.

Aiding clients in administering trusts and estates including:

  • Collecting assets, paying bills and taxes, dealing with creditors
  • Distributing assets and creating marital, bypass or generation skipping trusts as required by a Will.

Mr. Bittner helps clients with the procedures and court actions required while avoiding guardianship when possible, but when necessary he knows how to use it for the benefit of:

  • Children
  • The disabled
  • The incapacitated; and
  • The incompetent

Real Estate

Mr. Bittner has the experience and knowledge to review, structure, draft and put into effect the documents necessary for commercial or residential development or construction, the sale of real estate whether owner or third party financed and real estate leases including the following:

  • Development representing the developer, buyer, seller, lender or builder
  • Liens and security, deeds of trust, collateral assignments, estoppel agreements
  • Purchasing and selling, contracts, closings
  • Leases, negotiation, drafting, reviewing
  • Residential and Commercial loans
  • Commercial Loans

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